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    1. 24Hours Hot-line:86-0319-3989516

      Service concept Spare parts service

      Spare parts serviceCOMPANY PROFILE

      Accessories center is China yituo group co., LTD. And the first tractor co., LTD (hereinafter called the yi tuo company subordinates the only agricultural machinery accessories sales department, office and the company procurement center offices, to yituo (luoyang) cigna supplies trading platform to carry out the business of the company. The main function of the accessory center is to set up a unified management platform for the company's accessories. To be responsible for the integration and optimization of sales components and service parts; Responsible for the processing of parts planning, order, warehousing, packaging and shipping.

      The accessory center can provide the customers with more than 35,000 accessories, such as towing, towing, towing, and farm tools, etc., and realizing the complete coverage of all parts of the above host products. The main products are:

      Diesel engine parts: piston, cylinder liner, in and out of the trachea, oil filter, diesel filter, air filter, water pump, belt, fans, pumps, injectors, high and low pressure oil pipe, inspired by the motor, muffler, oil tank, radiator, etc.

      Wheel rim: human word tire, paddy tire, guide tire, rim steel ring, etc

      Standard parts: bearing, fastener, oil seal ring, etc

      Shaft teeth: all kinds of gears, various transmission shafts, power output shaft first class

      Electrical accessories: water scraper, battery, combination switch, car lamp, combination meter, wire, fuse etc

      Hydraulic parts: various cylinder, gear pump, constant current pump, steering pump, multi-way valve, distributor, lifter, etc

      Shell type: transmission case, lifter shell, terminal drive housing, power output shell, front axle housing, etc

      Cover: cab assembly, hood assembly, left and right fender, all kinds of window glass, heating fan, air conditioning, etc

      Hanging parts: all kinds of levers, limit poles, locking pin, bending bar, etc

      Machine tools: dongfang red machine has all kinds of accessories

      26 internal production units 500 suppliers to provide 15000 square meters of professional warehouse accessories center strives for the survival by the quality, seek development by credibility, the sense of social responsibility to provide customers with highly authentic yituo accessories products of the company, homemade parts from yituo inside the company more than 30 production unit, special parts and part by and yituo host form a complete set of nearly 500 suppliers, ensure conformance with the host products used parts.

      Accessories center has 15000 square meters of professional warehouse and sorting, rust, packaging and other professional equipment, the application of advanced accessory for barcode inventory management system, security identification query system, and has established extensive cooperative relationship with professional logistics companies, to ensure that the spare parts supply fast.


      Hebei Haoran Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

        • 24-hour service hotline:86-0319-3989516
        • Sales calls:13930970993(Manager Duan)
        • Address:Longgang Development Zone, Xingtai County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, China.
        • Email:xtsales@163.com
        • Fax:86-0319-3989518